All, All, United States Trip: 2014-07   By: bryantwaldron

Title: Civil War Tour

Preparation: While on a job that took me around the USA, I went to Meridian Mississippi to work at an Air Force base located on the outskirts of the town. Mississippi is known for pine wood forests a non-stop drive through beautiful pine trees. I had a weekend off and asked the front desk what there was to do in town. The guy looked at me and said well nothing. I laughed and showed him a brochure “Civil War Tour”. He said he didn’t know anything about it and did not know it existed. Meridian Mississippi was the state capital of Mississippi during the civil war around 1864. The central point supplies for the confederate army. It was also the states depository for all the states documents. 500,000 Union and Confederate soldiers died in about a four year civil war between the north and south. Abraham Lincoln was the president of the United States of America. A railroad transported supplies through the town of Meridian. General Sherman of the Union army generals conducted a torch and burn throughout the south, including the famous “Sherman Bow tie” by taking Railroad rails, heating them up and twisting them around trees. Please see the pictures.

General opinion: Hotels were clean.

Dining: Meridian has a lot of dining which surprised me.

Lodge: Extended Stay

Shopping: Meridian even has a down sized mall, with Macys and Dillard's. A downsized real food court!

Things I wish I had known before: Meridian has a crime problem. If you don't want problems do not go where there is a problem. I did not have any problems on my stay there.


  • All around Meridian they had these horses.