Las Vegas, Nevada, United States Trip: 2018-12   Update: 2019-10-30   By: chenxuesdu

Title: Las Vegas, 4 day trip, Package from Costco

Preparation: I bought a travel package from Costco, around $840 for 2 guest, 4 day and 3 nights, including flights(Alaska), hotel(cosmopolitan). The detail need to check Costco travel, the price may different every day. Reminder: There's no water, microwave oven in all the hotels. Bring good walking shoes.

Attractions and activities: visit different hotels with different styles.

Dining: Buffet is good in some cafe, like Pair, the Cosmopolitan. Some buffet are just ok, like the Flamigo. There are also food conners, providing food like panda Express. CVS and Walgreen are everywhere, which provide some grocery. But no where have good fruits, better to bring some fruits from home.

Commute: Mostly by walking. I visited almost all hotels. They have different decorations.