Hong Kong, , Hong Kong Trip: 2014-06   Update: 2015-07-02   By: gulfmoon

Title: Hong Kong

Preparation: Around $1000 US dollars and $500 Hong Kong dollars.

General opinion: Hong Kong should definitely sit at the top of everyone's bucket list. A city filled with life and energy, it opens up so many opportunities to people of all ages. Whether you decide to walk the grounds of Disneyland or ride the Symphony of Lights Harbour Cruise, you will find that you cannot get enough of this city. On top of that the eclectic cuisine and mile-stretch of skyline offers an unforgettable experience. So book your ticket to Hong Kong now and experience what has been missing in your life!

Dining: Food stalls EVERYWHERE. Cheap but some are not very sanitary. Cuisines from everywhere around the world as well as its own popular dim sum and western-influenced snacks and drinks.

Commute: Excellent transportation systems - cheap and convenient . On our way to the hotel in Kowloon we took the airport express which gave us a nice first impression of the city. To travel to tourist attractions such as Disneyland, Convention Center and the heart of Hong Kong, we rode the subway. Taxis are everywhere but a bit pricier.

Lodge: We lived at Guangdong Hotel which is close to the plaza and the Hong Kong University.

Shopping: Beware of fake merchandise. There are also lots of name-brand shops such as Rolex, Gucci and Tiffany & Co.