Houston, Texas, United States Trip: 2015-07   Update: 2015-11-10   By: jill

Title: A Weekend Away at The Woodlands Resort!

Preparation: We packed some food and drinks to keep in the hotel room's small refrigerator. We also brought swim vest for the non-swimmers, sun screen, flip flops and hats. (Towels are available at the resort.) We also brought bikes since we drove to the resort. (You can also get them from the resort.)

General opinion: We had a really great weekend at The Woodlands Resort. It was close to home but a really great place to get away.

Attractions and activities: This resort, just outside Houston, has a lazy river, splashpad, waterfall pool, baby pool and giant pool... plus 2 sets of waterslides and a lot of activities planned during the day. You can swim and play and then run back to your hotel room for snacks and more sunscreen. You can also order food poolside or visit the resort restaurant. The pools are open all year... but summer is when the pools are hopping! The Woodlands is lined with bike trails, so you can take a ride off the resort and go as far as you want to go.

Lodge: The rooms are nice and newly renovated. The best part is they are right next to the pools, so it is easy to run back and forth.

Shopping: The Woodlands Resort has free shuttle to the the The Woodlands shopping square.

Things I wish I had known before: Bring flip flops... the cement by the pool is very very hot in the summer!




jill   2015-11-09 21:33  

Why should we flag this? It contains
I think the rate is about $300/night... with some discounts available during the season.
yanz   2015-11-09 20:58  

Why should we flag this? It contains
If we go there in the summer season, typically how much per night for two adults and two kids family?