Menlo Park, California, United States Trip: 2019-10   Update: 2019-10-27   By: leisenming

Title: Visiting Facebook Campus

Preparation: We wanted to famous Facebook campus and take photos near the iconic Thumbs up. You have to have an invitation from a Facebook employee to be allowed inside the buildings. We got an invite. Other than that we just looked up the campus on google maps.

General opinion: It was a very good experience. Facebook provides free food to its employees and visitors. Its interested to look at the offices up close. There are numerous art works in the buildings.

Dining: Food was free. We had breakfast and lunch there. There are about 10 buildings each serving different menus. We looked up the menus on the Facebook internal web pages and chose which ones to go to. The core campus (attached to building 17) has numerous restaurants, cafeterias and parlors.

Commute: We took our car to the Facebook campus. Once there, we were issued visitor passes which allowed access to all the internal trams and buildings.

Things I wish I had known before: Parking is quite good if you arrive before 9am. Other wise it can be a little difficult. We arrived before 9am on Friday. This time is not crowded and we found a parking easily. If you arrive later, you can give your car to a Valet and they will park it for you for free. You need to have an invite from a Facebook employee to access the buildings. We knew this, but putting it here just for readers. There are too many choices for food. If you like one, remember the building number and restaurant name clearly. Unfortunately, we did not and we could not find the one we were interested in. We thought our 3 year old would be bored. Not so. She is slow eater, so she ate at the desk of our host. Then she walked around a little and played with the billiard balls. She enjoyed it. The employees were also happy to see a 3 year old lively girl.


  • Trams are free to use once you are registered.  This is very convenient as the campus is quite spread out.
  • The core campus is build like a small village with walkways and restaurants.  You can go into any restaurant, cafeteria and eat for FREE.
  • The iconic Facebook wall