Monterey, California, United States Trip: 2016-12   Update: 2019-08-15   By: yanz

Title: 17-Mile Drive in Monterey

Preparation: The 17-Mile Drive is the most beautiful scenic drive road I've ever seen. This road is in the gated community of Pebble Beach. For visitors, $10 per car. Just need to drive through the road along the dashed red line and you will not miss any great views. You can start from the point 21 by turning left or start from point 1 by turning right after you pass the entrance gate.

General opinion: It is absolutely gorgeous. Worth to spend times there. In the first glance of the state beach and the Spanish Bay view, make me think it feels like we were in the Big island, Hawaii again.

Attractions and activities: 1. Seaside beach, Monterey State Beach. It can be a stop when you drive through the High Way 1. This beach is a couple of miles away from the 17-mile drive. 2. 17-Mile Drive. It is gorgeous. In total there are 21 scenery points views, but you do not need to stop by every point. The must see are: Spanish Bay, Sea Lion rock, the Lone Cypress, The Ghost Tree view, etc. Points 13 to 18, point 5 Spanish Bay, point 11 Seal Rock are good. If you have tight schedules, you can start from the end and see the most beautiful coastal views first. Many Golf courses points can be ignored.

Dining: It's better to bring snacks or picnic food and then you can eat whenever you need.

Commute: It is not too far from the silicon Valley area. We drove there in 2 hours. Very nice one day trip.

Things I wish I had known before: It's better to go there in the warm weather. In the winter break, there is strong cold wind blowing and need coats, gloves, caps. Go as early as possible. After or close to the sunset time, the spectacular view won't be the same as you see it before 3pm. In the summer, the weather is good but if possible, better to avoid the busy weekend such as the July 4th weekend because the limited parking spaces along the road causes traffic extremely slow. Be aware, there is no public restrooms available in all the scenic point views except the Golf Courses and the Lodge.




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A friend of mine said: "2014年我们全家去过那儿,住过一晚上。感觉是世界上最美的地方了。" I feel it is indeed the most beautiful place in the world.