Austin, Texas, United States Trip: 2014-07   Update: 2015-05-14   By: yanz

Title: A 3 day Austin family vacation - Lake Travis and Texas State Capitol

Preparation: Booked a hotel near the Lake Travis area and it's convenient to visit the beautiful mountain lake park and water areas.

General opinion: Lake Travis mountain area is a great place to visit.

Attractions and activities: Lake Travis mountain area: when we drove through the mountain area, my son and daughter told us that made them recalling our Hawaii trip. Texas State Capitol: learned some Texas history there. after this visit we learned why the capital city named Austin, why does Houston have the highway named Sam Houston. University of Texas at Austin: visited the Lyndon Johnson Presidential library.

Dining: In the Texas State Capitol visit, we had lunch within the building and it was very nice but I forgot the restaurant name.

Commute: Be aware of the speed limit when you drive in the Mountain area. When we drove there at 38 miles/hour, we got a citation ticket. At the moment we did not see the speed limit sign at all. Later the police told us it was 30 miles/hour.


  • It's gorgeous and we really enjoyed the view.
  • This describes a part of history of Texas.
  • Surfing, swimming and kids playing
  • Kite Surfing in Lake Travis, Austin, Texas