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Title: A two weeks family vacation in the Big Island, Hawaii - lessons learned


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Things I wish I had known before: 1. If you have little kids and want to go to Hawaii, it's better to wait until they turn to 6 or 7 years old. when we went there, my daughter was 4 but still she needed to be held, piggybacked, or sit on daddy's shoulder. In many places, she could not walk as long as we'd like to explore, because she needed to be carried, sometimes my husband did not have much fun. I think, if you have young kids and still decide to go, it's better to go to the local store to buy a stroller for the young kid. 2. Kayak is fun in Hawaii, we loved it but be careful when you get back to the deck or port. If the deck is a natural one, very rough or narrow, it might be hard for you to get the boat to the right position. We had an accident when we tried to park the boat into the very narrow rough rock port, no staff helped us and then the boat turned over, everybody including my 4 years old daughter fell into the water and my husband got a cut on his hand. 3. I really regret that I have not done any research before we went to the green sand beach. Green sand beach has a very steep ( maybe 75 degree) cliff to get down and it was about or less than 100 meters wide. I would not go if my family has a very young kid or elders if I know the facts in advance. I had scratches and my daughter was miserable when she got soaked and felt so cold even it was in early June due to the wind. The green sand beach was about 3 miles away from the parking space and the road was full of boulders, trenches and that "road" was the roughest way I've ever seen on the earth. in the first 10 or 15 minutes or so, we walked by ourselves and then we decided to go back to ride on a big truck with about $30. 4. Pack carefully when you come back home. When we came back home, during the security check in the Kona airport, we forgot to put the sunblocks and other medicine in the luggage but put in a hand carry bag, then had to throw them away.



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A couple of months ago, a friend asked me: her daughter is 6 years old, should their family consider to go to Hawaii?

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   My answer is: if your daughter can walk by herself for hours, probably it is OK to go. But if you can wait a couple of more years, she will enjoy much more walking, Kayaking and other water activities.