the Big Island, Hawaii, United States Trip: 2013-06   Update: 2019-08-25   By: yanz

Title: A two weeks family vacation in the Big Island, Hawaii - lodging and shopping


Attractions and activities:


Lodge: You can choose to stay in hotels or rental homes or both. We have spent several nights in a rental home, and then an expensive hotel and then a regular hotel. Pros and cons of each choice really depends on your time and financial budget. In my opinion, living in a rental home for a regular family is a pretty good choice: 1. You can cook by yourself if you'd like to control what you eat. Usually there are grocery stores nearby and you can shop there. 2. Easy to get in or out if the place is not huge and feel more peaceful. 3. The price is not expensive. you can also book a rental home that has the ocean view but with a good price. If you choose to book a very nice hotel, it might cost you 2 or 3 times more than the rental home price. We lived in a huge hotel for several nights. There were metro trains and boats to get in or out of the hotel and finding a parking lot was not easy and took a pretty long time to get in or out which I did not like. Of course, there are some pros: 1. Nice views including the ocean view and lagoons, water pools kids can play. 2. Kids are excited to take the trains or boats to get in and out. They also like to play in the water slides, pools there.

Shopping: We'd been to Kona downtown and have bought some sarongs that were nice and not cost too much. We also bought some nice real pearl necklaces and bracelets which were inexpensive although the shape of each pearl may be a little different but they are real pearls. I regret that I bought some good looking but man-made pearl necklace which cost about the same as the real one. I always love the natural beauty.

Things I wish I had known before:


  • During the nights we stayed, the wave sounds were loud but we had no problem to sleep. This rent home ( outrigger) is close to a Kayak place and also a water activities park.