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Title: A two weeks family vacation in the Big Island, Hawaii - sight views and activities

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General opinion: It's definitely a great place to go. It's worth spending your time and money in Hawaii.

Attractions and activities: In Hawaii, you can enjoy a lot of activities such as the water parks, beaches, tide pools, lava pools, walks in bay floors, Kayak, snorkeling, etc. If you love snorkeling, it would be good to pack or buy the snorkeling stuff before you get to the site. Also prepare the water shoes before you go to swim ponds, lava pools, or tide pools, black sand beaches. In Kona, we loved the following activities: 1. Kayak, the ocean view were so beautiful and you could get miles away from the shore if you do not have very young kids and are good at swimming. 2. A water sports site. My son enjoyed a lot water biking and he was biking hours in the gorgeous ocean. Between Kona and Hilo, there are also many beautiful valleys and scenic points you can see. Driving through the high mountain areas are also fun. We also visited South Point, the black sand beach and the green sand beach. Really gorgeous places you do not want to miss: 1. Mauna Kea beach, I would spend more than 3 plus hours there to enjoy the natural beauty of the ocean view and let the kids swim. There are several huge beautiful trees around there and you can sit under the tree to relax. Mauna Kea beach is the most beautiful beach I've ever seen on this planet. 2. Waipio valley: getting down to the valley is a challenge, especially for the elders, young kids. We tried but we stopped at the 1/3 of the road. The road was very steep and winding. So we decided to come back and take the waipio valley shuttle. they have 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm one and half hour tour. The price plus tips, 2 adults and 1 kids, about $200. ( this was the price in 2013) In Hilo, we visited the Volcano Park and have seen the lava rocks and lava trees but have not seen real lava flow, only saw the steams from the ground.



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  • Mauna Kea Beach is the most beautiful beach I have ever seen.
  • The tour guide told us that in the rain season, you could see the beautiful fall here.
  • I have bought papayas from the local farmers and also bought some from the walmart in Kona. All of them are tasted very good. Everybody in our family loved them.
  • Akaka Falls in Hilo, Hawaii

  • A Valley in the Big Island Hawaii



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