Fremont, California, United States Trip: 2019-10   Update: 2019-10-17   By: yanz

Title: Ardenwood Historic Farm Harvest Festival, Fremont, California

Preparation: Address: 34600 Ardenwood Blvd, Fremont, CA 94554 Ardenwood Historic Farm has a Harvest Festival, usually in Oct. Ticket price: $10 / Adult $6 / Kid This year is Oct 12, 13, in 2019. We visited on Sun, Oct 13. Ardenwood Historic Farm does have enough parking including paved and unpaved parking lots. If you could find a paved parking space, go for it because the unpaved one has a lot of dust.

Attractions and activities: 0. Patterson House tour: it is a 19 century built Victorian-style house, very beautiful. If you have never been to that tour, try it. 1. Train ride: Kids like this ride very much sometimes you have to wait in the line for 15 or 20 minutes. Please pay attention to the schedule and see what time you can ride the last one. 2. Ice cream making: people manually make some ingredients, grinding ice. In the end, kids can have one or more small ice creams. This time we tasted pumpkin flavor and vanilla flavor, both are good. 3. Petting Zoo. There are sheep, chickens, peacocks. Kids can observe them. 4.Harvesting Indian corns and pop corns: this is the fun part. Usually, most of the kids have never got the chance to harvest corn by themselves. The farm can lend you the sack bag and gloves, and you can go to the cornfield to harvest corn. 90% you got, can be taken home by you. The staff will give you plastic or paper bags if you ask for it, no charge. The corn is very dry at this time. Their staff gives out the instructions flyer to teach you how to make popcorn. 5. Pumpkin Patch and Mazes: outside of the Ardenwood Historic Farm entrance, there is a big patch of pumpkins, kids can play or buy it. There are also a couple of fun hay mazes kids or adults can walk through the mazes and find out the exit. It was fun for me. It also has a tire patch kids can play and relax there. 6. There is also a tractor ride, you need to buy tickets online in advance. A few dollars per person . People can ride the tractor to see the farmlands and vegetables. 7. There are gift shops and also organic vegetables, melons, fruits. We bought two honey melons for $5. One of the two tasted very sweet. We like it very much.

Things I wish I had known before: In the pumpkin patch, outside of the entrance, one visitor told me visiting the pumpkin patch is free. But the entrance staff said people need to pay $1 for the admission to get in the patch. Another related post has more detailed information about the Patterson House visit.