Fremont, California, United States Trip: 2019-02   Update: 2019-05-27   By: yanz

Title: Century 25 Movie Theater in Union City, near Fremont, CA

Preparation: Name: Century 25 Union Landing and XD - Union City, CA - Cinemark Theaters Address: 32100 Union Landing Blvd, Union City, CA 94587 Suggestions: 1. If you know which movie you'd like to watch, it's better to book your tickets online and choose the seats in the back because the screen is really big comparing with the room size. 2. In some rush hours, probably you need to have a few minutes to find a parking space. So be prepared to be there a few minutes earlier.

General opinion: It's worth to go there to watch a good movie. It's very convenient for the residents near this area. There are also shopping places, restaurants in this same shopping area.

Commute: The shopping center has enough space for free parking.

Things I wish I had known before: If you are late for 10 to 15 minutes or so, you are completely OK and will not miss any actual movie content because in the first 10 to 15 minutes it will play Ads.