Half Moon Bay, California, United States Trip: 2020-06   Update: 2020-08-16   By: yanz

Title: Cowell Beach in Half Moon Bay, California, USA

Preparation: Cowell Ranch Beach is a secluded pocket beach in Half Moon Bay. It has a steep staircase to do down to the beach and it also has a protected Harbor Seal Preserve. It's not crowded. It's a great place for a one-day trip if you are in the Bay Area. Address: 17500 Cabrillo Hwy S Half Moon Bay, CA 94019 Suggestions to pack: 1. Water shoes or sandals if you're going to get into the ocean 2. Towels, extra jacket, pants, paper towels 3. Drinks, snacks, or picnic foods No admission, no parking fee charge. Parking: Cowell Beach has a small parking area and also has a couple of portable restrooms. One in the parking lot, another is near the beach. The parking area is about 10 minutes walking distance to the beach. If the parking lot is full, usually people can park their car on the side of the street.

General opinion: It is worth spending your time to explore there.

Attractions and activities: Cowell Ranch Beach is also near 2 golf courses link and a hotel, a restaurant. ( more than half a mile). There is a trail that you can walk through the golf courses and reach the hotel and restaurants. 1. Sunbathing on the beach; 2. Wading in the ocean; 3. Hiking 4. If you're lucky, you may see whales in distance in the winter season.

Dining: Although there is a restaurant you can reach, you need to walk at least more than 20 minutes to get there. It's better to pack your own picnic food, snacks, and drinks.

Commute: There are winding mountain roads. Driving in the day time should be OK. Suggest you leave to drive home before it gets dark.

Things I wish I had known before: If you could, go there as early as you could to enjoy the beach and walk around the coastal trails. There are also other beaches nearby. See http://www.youishare.com/search/yanz/Venice_State_Beach_In_Half_Moon_Bay__California/MjAzOnlhbnotMTI2


  • It's a small parking lot that has a portable restroom. Once you parking here, you need to walk about 10 minutes to get to the beach.
  • There are 2 Golf Courses.
  • It's fun to walk on these rocks in the ocean.