Del Valle Regional Park, California, United States Trip: 2019-08   Update: 2019-09-02   By: yanz

Title: Del Valle Regional Park, Livermore, CA

Preparation: Address: 7000 Del Valle Rd, Livermore, CA 94550 This park is ideal for picnicking, boating, fishing, swimming, and horseback riding. It is a beautiful place that has a lake where people can swim, do paddle boats, kayak, canoe. Hours: Summer days: 6 AM - 9 PM (May to Labor day) Winter days: 7 AM - 6 PM (Nov - Feb) March: 6 AM - 7 PM, April 6AM - 8 PM Fees: Parking: $6 per vehicle. $4 per trailered vehicle. $25 per bus. Dog: $2 per dog. Boats Rental price: $20 single Kayak / hour $30 double Kayak / hour $20 paddle boat / hour $15 pedal boat / hour ( for 4 persons, from Marina rentals) other boats prices in pictures. See more details in the reference link. What to bring: 1. Sandals or water shoes in addition to wearing regular sports shoes. There are beaches and the swimming area but it has rough tiny rocks; walking in the lake water by barefoot is tough. 2. Swimming suit, towel, extra clothes. life jacket or vest if you have it. With the life jacket or vest, the very young age kids or adults who don't know how to swim can get into the swimming area to have fun. 3. Drinks, water, snacks, picnic food. 4. Sunblocks, hats or caps. In summer days, bring mosquito repellent. 5. If you'd like to go to the beach in the Lake Del Valle, turn left right after you get into the entrance. Bring beach umbrella, beach chairs.

General opinion: It's worth to go if you'd like to try swimming outdoor in a natural lake. The water temperature is quite warm in the summer. This is not easy to find anywhere else in the bay area. The road to get into the park entrance is fun. There is a couple of miles you need to drive through is like a roller coaster and the view is also beautiful. Reference:

Attractions and activities: 1. Picnic areas, grass area for sports such as soccer, volleyball. 2. Beaches, trails. Kids can also ride a bike, play soccer or other balls there. 3. Swimming area: although the floor of the swimming area has small rough rocks it is worth to try. You can wear sandals or water shoes to walk in the shallow area around the swimming area. It is fun. The water is warm in the summer. It has lifeguards. 4. Kayak, paddle boats, canoe: this is the most fun part of being in the Lake Del Valle recreational area. The lake is quite long, big. When your boat gets into the middle of the lake, you can rest there in the wave of the lake, which is a great way to relax in the boat; Or just put your hands in the water and feel the flow of the water. you can close your eyes, lie down, think nothing and just feel the natural rhythm of the lake. Kayak is pricey but it's worth the money. If your family do pedal boat, $15 / hour that can have 4 people. Rental for 1 hour is good enough. 2 hours might be too long for your family. 5. Camping site: see the reference and the map.

Dining: A pure natural place, no restaurant. Bring your own picnic food is the best choice. The park does not a couple of stores that sell beachwear such as water shoes, life jackets, ice cream, drinks, snacks.

Commute: It is about an hour drive from Fremont area., CA. Remember: do not worry about you might be driving in the wrong road or direction, it is just one road to the entrance, you will not miss it. The last 1 or 2 miles just like a roller coaster.

Things I wish I had known before: The restrooms have mosquitoes in the morning in summer days. Bringing some mosquito repellent might help. Other restrooms that are close to the private Deck of Marina Boat Rentals are cleaner and better in general. Go there as early as possible because if the capacity reached, the gate will be closed and you may need to wait until other cars leave. Yesterday we entered at 10:44 am, there was still a lot of parking available. Bring some picnic tables, chairs and table clothes if you have a group of people for a picnic. The park does not have network signals so you cannot rely on your phone to communicate with your family or friends.


  • It has lifeguards.  During very busy weekends or holiday seasons, the water may not be very sanitary because of too many people in the swimming area. You can still wade in the area.