San Francisco, California, United States Trip: 2020-01   Update: 2020-05-10   By: yanz

Title: Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Fremont CA

Preparation: This place is very close to Coyote Hills. Address: 2 Marshlands Rd, Fremont, CA 94555: Visitor Center 1 Marshlands, Fremont, CA, 94555: Auditorium, only for reserved meetings or special events. It's only a couple of minutes walking distance between the 1 and 2 Marshlands Rd. No admission tickets are needed. Parking is also free. There are 2 nice parking lots. Open hours: Trails are open from sunrise to sunset. It's a quiet and beautiful place to visit for all ages. Bring a jacket or coat. It can be windy. Bring water and picnic food if you'd like to hike there. No restaurants there.

Attractions and activities: 1. Picnic Pavilions and many other picnic tables, benches. 2. Many scenic view points. Hilltop Overlook is one of them. 3. Trails: a. Newark Slough Trail: 5 miles, it might be muddy if it's in the raining season. I hiked in Jan and the trail was ok to walk. I enjoyed it very much because it is very close to the water in the bay. b. Marshlands Road to Fishing Pier: 2.5 miles c. LaRiviere March Trail: 0.7 mile d. Tidelands Trail: 1.8 miles e. Apay Way Trail: 1.38 miles, near Highway 84, the Dumbarton Bridge. In the visitor center, there are free maps.

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  • A very nice scenic lookout.
  • In regular business hours, it opens. If you cannot open the door and you are sure nobody is in the bathroom, wait a minute and hold the door knob, rotate to open the door.  If you still cannot open it, go to the visitor center to ask for help.
  • I enjoyed this trail very much because it is natural.