Fremont, California, United States Trip: 2019-01   Update: 2019-03-18   By: yanz

Title: Ice Skating in Sharks Ice - Solar4America Ice at Fremont, California

Preparation: Solar4America Ice at Fremont address: 44388 Old Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538. The previous name: Sharks Ice. The kids can do ice Skating here for 2 hours per session. Tickets: $12 per Adult, 13 years old and up $11 Kid, 12 years old and under Rental shoes: $5 /pair For the opening session hours, please check their website.

General opinion: It's a great place for kids to have fun and also learn ice skating.

Attractions and activities: It has a good ice rink. There are also several levels of ice skating, figure skating, and Youth Hockey classes for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. If it's your first time coming, and you do not know how to ice skate or figure skate at all, the staff will help you by putting buckets out on the rink for you to lean on. It will help you learn how to ice skate. There is a dividing line that separates the small area from the big area. The big part is for the people who can skate without buckets. Parents can watch their kids skating on the 1st floor which is quite cold but you can also relax in the Bar area of the 2nd floor and be able to watch your kids ice skating. If you would like to register for ice skating classes, it's better to register about one to two months earlier, especially for Saturday classes. Eg. Winter season classes start on Jan 5, 2019. They open the registration in Nov 2018. For Spring classes, you need to register in the 1st week of March. Once the registrations open, the earlier, the better. The classes ratio 1 teacher / 15 students or so. Class ( 12 classes) $ 225 + $50 rental

Dining: There is a bar in the upper level with windows so people can watch their kids or friends who are skating.

Commute: Plenty of parking space, it is free.

Things I wish I had known before: Just a suggestion, when your kids are ice skating, they should wear socks that reach above the ankles above 3 - 4 inches; otherwise, there is a possibility your kids might get bruises or rashes. There is also another ice skating place located in San Jose which is the 2nd location for Solar 4 America. Choose the one close to you. p.s. if you'd like to see my other posts, please search "yanz" in youishare home page; See my other blog:


  • A nice area you can relax and watch your kids or family members ice skating
  • A professional size ice rink and it hosts hockey lessons and games there. It's quite big.