San Francisco, California, United States Trip: 2020-09   Update: 2020-10-24   By: yanz

Title: Mile Rock Beach in San Francisco, California

Preparation: Address: Lands End Trail, San Francisco, CA 94121 Parking is free. No admission needed. The parking lots are along the road. What to bring: 1. Pack sandals, towels, changing clothes; 2. Sunblock 3. A pure natural place. So bring drinks, snacks From the parking lot, it is around 15 - 20 minutes walking distance to the beach. You need to cross a golf course on the way there. There is a long sandy staircase, which is very steep, leading down to the beach. If you wear sports shoes, it would be good. But you need to bring your sandals or water shoes to walk in the ocean waves or jumping around the rocks.

General opinion: It's nice to be there and enjoy the beach, the rocks and the ocean view.

Attractions and activities: Mile Rock beach is about 100 meters wide. It has all different size rocks, from small pebble to boulder that may even bigger than a room. Activities: 1. Sunbathe 2. Climb rocks and sit on the rocks to see the beautiful ocean view, the lighthouse, and the golden gate bridge; 3. Surf; 4. Building sandcastle 5. Wade in the ocean waves, 6. Walking along the coastal trails, etc

Things I wish I had known before: When you walk down to the beach, remember to bring your sandals, or water shoes, towels. You can also bring paper towels to clean the sand on your feet if you'd like to walk back the trail in your sports shoes. In the beach, there is no restroom. You need to walk around 15 or 20 minutes or so to the restroom that is beside the Legion of Honor Museum. P.S. Below is the answers to my friends' questions: 1. 我们去的时候就用Google Map, 地址: Lands End Trail, San Francisco, CA 94121. 2.  我们9 月份去的时候停车位不紧张,我们沿路开到底,到了legion of Honor 的边上。靠着高尔夫球场。 (Parking is not a problem) 3. 周末人不少,我们都戴口罩的。 (There were a lot of people there but we wore masks).


  • Takes non-trivial effort to the beach. You can wear Sandles or other sports shoes to go down to the beach.