Houston, Texas, United States Trip: 2015-03   Update: 2016-03-10   By: yanz

Title: One Day Visit to Houston Rodeo

Preparation: Buy the tickets early from the vendors. Usually the school or the big company have the discount tickets to sell . We bought 2 value packages each one cost $50 but the value is $100 without discount.

General opinion: It's worth to go. The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo, is one of the largest live entertainment and livestock exhibition. Usually it's held in March. In 2016, it is 03/01 - 03/20. In 2015, about 2.5 million people attended the event.

Attractions and activities: There are Livestock Shows, concerts, Kids Carnival, petting zoo, etc.

Dining: There are plenty of food vendors onsite.

Commute: Follow the parking sign and usually you can find the parking space. It costs about $12. It may vary each year.

Shopping: There are many cow girl, cow boy hats and boots available in many vendors.

Things I wish I had known before: Be prepared for about 10 hours walking if you have kids who loves to play in the kids carnival section. Usually in the weekends, it's more crowded.


  • Before is Reliant Stadium bur about two years ago, rename to NRG Stadium