Galveston, Texas, United States Trip: 2015-08   Update: 2015-09-13   By: yanz

Title: Stewart Beach Visit in Galveston, Texas

Preparation: In the summer, remember to bring 1. Water shoes, it is better than the regular sandals or flip flops. After you park the car, you need walking through the sand at least 50 meters to the umbrella line. Because the sand is so hot in the summer sunny days that it could burn your feet if you just wear sandals or flip flops. Extra clothes and towels are a must if you are planning to play in the sea. 2. If possible, I suggest you bring your own beach umbrella and chairs. The on site rental is $35 for one umbrella and 2 chairs. 3. bring floats and then your whole family can play in the wave and have fun together. We have visited the beach many times but this time, we brought two floats and had more fun than before. 4. always have sun block . Bring enough water and food or snack. Just carry what you need to the beach, because it is not easy to get through the sand even you have the wheeled ice chest. 5 Fresh water, in case you had sea water in your nose, eyes, mouth , need to wash it off with the fresh water. 6 Have food and water in the car while you're driving so you can reach them at any time because almost every time we drive there, there are some areas that have very slow traffic and during the lunch hours if you are still in the traffic you need to eat.

General opinion: It is fun and make you feel really relaxed when you are playing in the sea, definitely worth to go. If you bring your own food, and the umbrella and chairs, you save money. What you need to pay is the $8 parking fee. The beach itself can be accessed any time. it is open every day as weather permitting. The Restroom & Showers building gates close at 6:30pm weekdays, 7:30pm weekends as weather permitting.

Attractions and activities: 1. Surfing and playing in the ocean, or just walking in the beach. 2. Bring some bread, you can feed the seagulls. There are so many seagulls there. It is really fun to feed them. Once you have a piece of bread, you can throw to them in the sky and then you see a flock of seagulls come to get the food, it is really beautiful! 3. Some people also bring the BBQ stove to do the BBQ, play music, dance and just like have a beach party. BBQ stove need to be within the cone line, that is behind the umbrella line to avoid the smoke bother other people. 4. Remember alcohol is not allowed. No tent, no shelter is allowed. Pet must be leashed but in the shower, restroom building, pet is not allowed. 5. There are several beach volleyball courts there and a playground near the shower and restroom building.

Dining: There are places in the shower building where have ice cream and other food you can buy, but not that convenient Because it is far behind the umbrella line, walking in the hot sand line for a 100 meter is a challenge.


  • This building has Food/Drinks, gift shop, Restrooms & Showers.
The Restroom & Showers building gates close at 6:30pm weekdays, 7:30pm weekends as weather permitting.
I've never really taken a shower inside the building because the waiting line  usually is very long. Do not expect you can have the same food as the one you eat in nice restaurants.
  • Seagulls in Stewart Beach, Galveston, Texas