Union City Farmers' Market, California, United States Trip: 2019-04   Update: 2019-05-04   By: yanz

Title: Union City Farmers' Market in Union City, CA

Preparation: Address: 30940 Watkins St, Union City, CA 94587. It is close to the intersection of the Union City Blvd and Smith St. It is in the Old Alvarado Park. Sunshine or Rain, Hours: Saturday: 9am - 1pm What you need to bring: 1. Cash: most of the vendors only accept cash. There are some vendors who accept credit card using square and can text or email you the receipt. 2. Big shopping bags. 3. Go earlier. Do not wait to the last hour. The earlier, the more choices you will have. Last time I went there around 11:40am and some of the good vegetables such as the green Kales are sold out. Parking: Parking is around the streets of the Old Alvarado Park; or parking in the neighborhood. Parking is not a problem.

General opinion: It's absolutely worth to go to buy fresh vegetables, fruits, shrimp, salmon, eggs if you are close to this area. The tastes are just much better comparing with what I bought from the other grocery stores or super markets.

Attractions and activities: There are many booths that sell vegetables, fruits, eggs, seafood such as shrimp, salmon, etc. All the produces are from their own farms nearby. Some of them are certified as organic. I have asked the gentlemen in the seafood booth and they told me the Salmon they were selling came from the Half Moon Bay, one day before the Saturday. When I cooked the fresh seafood, my family liked it very much. It is just so delicious that I would buy as often as possible. The fruits are also very delicious although the prices are a little bit higher or close to the prices of the other regular stores. Last time we bought Cara Cara navel oranges and Mandarin oranges. They were really taste great and sweet, not sour at all! It's absolutely worth to try these fresh produces and seafood.

Things I wish I had known before: Remember to ask for a receipt if it's possible. Because you pay cash and some times you may easily make mistakes.


  • It tastes delicious, really juicy, sweet, not sour at all.
  • This Farmers' Market is at the Old Alvarado Park. There are a couple of playgrounds and a nice pavillions there. If you have young age kids, they can also play there.